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    Domestic large - scale medical equipment to open the "take the grassroots" model


    At the 15th Annual Meeting of Asian Nuclear Medicine held on July 14, Sino has announced that it will be listed on the world's first free PET / CT, that is, the subject can obtain accurate images in free breathing, Nuclear medicine equipment industry a major breakthrough, marking China has been among the world's high-end medical equipment camp strength.

    Solve the last mile problem

    Sino Beijing Medical Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. CEO Wang Tao told the Science and Technology Daily reporter, domestic nuclear medicine equipment to participate in market competition, need to improve the quality, reliability and stability. Wang Tao said that in addition to high-intensity radiation, continuous switching and extremely harsh environmental conditions to ensure product performance and system stability, the technical team is also in the Concord Hospital clinical trials in the process, to solve the subject's free breathing problems.

    Because PET / CT scans for up to 15 to 30 minutes, 60% of patients in the PET / CT process will occur during the movement offset, resulting in artifacts or positioning is not accurate, the pain point is also known as the clinical use of " Last mile ". Through several research experiments, Sino has achieved a breakthrough in the two core technologies, R & D success of the industry's most sensitive TOF detection system, based on the detection system, and completed the intelligent motion tracking system, similar to the relationship between missiles and radar , Constantly tracking the movement of the tumor, and constantly find its trajectory, according to the tumor trajectory to complete the image.

    Sino and the Union and the Beijing Union Medical College Hospital, scanning 800 patients with images, the clinical process of constantly discovering problems, solve problems, improve system performance. This year in May, completed the third generation of products, that is, the new listing of this free breathing PET / CT. Chinese Medical Association nuclear medicine branch chairman, the First Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University, director of nuclear medicine, said Li Yaming, by eliminating the pain point, domestic equipment in some technical and performance parameters than the existing international advanced level, to achieve the China 's nuclear medical equipment in the field of major breakthroughs.

    Five years of concern three things

    PET / CT as the most high-end imaging imaging products of today's medical imaging, called "modern medical high-tech crown", sensitive, accurate, specific, accurate positioning, due to the high-end technology and complexity of high-end medical imaging equipment market has been Was the top foreign manufacturers firmly monopoly.

    China has been concentrating on research and development, focusing on three things, "Wang Tao told reporters that he focused on research and development of molecular imaging and PET / CT, focused on the development of the world's scientific and technological team, Good service, focus on promoting domestic medical equipment to the international frontier. "In this process, we are committed to building domestic and international top-level medical equipment, while providing people-oriented innovation services, while the innovative technology and clinical needs together to see the current Chinese hospitals, Chinese customers clinical needs , To find a solution. At the same time, enhance the service, in the service system to create more innovative, more personalized, more conducive to the development of medical services model.

    Sinoed the joint not only master the PET / CT core technology, but also independent innovation out of the more high-end free breathing PET / CT and Internet medical platform, in one fell swoop nuclear medical imaging technology into a new height.

    For the grassroots to provide quality medical resources

    In China, malignant tumors are common and frequently-occurring disease, with high morbidity and high mortality. Li Yaming said that with reference to the experience of the United States, malignant cancer mortality rate of 1% each drop, it will save the state 500 billion US dollars in medical expenses and related costs; and China's coronary heart disease mortality rate is due to the correct rate of treatment low. Early detection, early treatment, early intervention, need to rely on nuclear medicine equipment. Domestic high-end nuclear medicine equipment is expensive, foreign manufacturers are mostly concentrated in the top three domestic hospitals.

    Chinese Medical Association nuclear medicine branch has put forward "one county and one class" nuclear medicine construction strategy concept, will be high quality expert resources, technical services sink to more grass-roots medical institutions. Wang Tao said, "Only China's large medical equipment into the grassroots level, in order to truly grass-roots people," the disease is not out of the county. "This high-end medical equipment in China put forward higher challenges, such as cheap products, the use of cheap, There are excellent doctors, while the need for mobile Internet, artificial intelligence and other technologies for the grassroots to provide quality medical resources.

    Although Sino is not only for the development of grassroots hospitals in China, the Sino is engaged in the development of products at the beginning of the expansion of its application areas, while improving the artificial intelligence technology, not only reduce operating costs, improve the level of diagnosis and treatment, Change the service model.

    "PET / CT is currently used in the tumor, with the reduction of operating costs and the level of diagnosis and treatment, its application areas will continue to expand, will completely change the mode of many services." Beijing Tsinghua Industrial Development Institute Chang said that the combination of domestic medical equipment and clinical diagnosis and treatment, will promote the development of China's medical and health cause.